Allissoon Lockhart

Creator, Showrunner, Producer



I'm Allissoon! From the heart of the grunge birthplace of Seattle, I moved out to 80s Sunset LA strip to make cartoons and music for 10 years, lived in England, and now headed to the land of metal SWEDEN. I am a producer at BRIKK.

I make my own cartoon shows, produce and manager other creators shows, work with bands, drum & do woodwind session work.

I am starting my own Production Company "We Came To Party" with colleagues of mine in Animation and Music, so get ready for that! I am always excited to find great new shows, bands, and artists.

I have worked in Entertainment Production for 11+ years, and have my focus & expertise in Animation (2D, 3D, Stop Motion). After that I also do work in VFX, Film and with experience in Game Cinematics.

My credits other than my projects include: Trailers & Shorts for an award winning Indie Game (at Irish Animation studio: Studio Meala), 2D Animation Consultant at HBOMax, Music Video producer (Qbomb), Mortal Kombat Cinematics, An NDA Project at Netflix, Inside Job (Netflix), Bob's Burgers (Bento Box), Central Park (Bento Box), An original anime at Crunchyroll, Supermansion (Stoopid Buddies), an AAA game at Ubisoft and many others. Currently I am producing animation at BRIKK (in Sweden) and other projects.

I do college/university talks if available on Animation Production and Pitching.
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I also stream on Twitch about Animation Production, Animation news, pitching shows, working in Production, and advice on job hunting.

Social Media:

Twitter - @theceltictampon

Instagram - @celtictampon

LinkedIn - Allissoon Lockhart