Battle of the Bands

BATTLE OF THE BANDS, Created by Allissoon Lockhart


'Battle of the Bands' is preparing and attending Annecy 2024 this year! Pitching and networking for the European market with NEWS A COMING 🇸🇪

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Main Character Art by Max Monroy

Creative Directed by Michael Nanna

Been to San Diego COmic Con 2021

2D animated adult cartoon created by Allissoon Lockhart. Co-Showrunner: Parker Simmons.

Produced by Arin Hanson, Brent Lilley, The Game Grumps, Hunter Peterson, Hunter Burgan, Matt Di Panni.

Repp'd at CAA.

In a world where musicians have elemental powers based on the genre of music they play; get ready to follow Heatseeker, a 5 piece heavy metal band, newly signed and new to the competition. Jayme Scott has been the timid roadie for the band and her bombastic twin sister Brooke, lead guitarist of the group, forever and is ready to follow her own composing music passion outside of the shadow of her rock n roll sister. When mayhem strikes at the top of the tour, the sisters have to figure out how to keep the band together, impress the Rock Hall of Fame, win the tournament, and absolutely shred with their fire powers.

2D Animated, adult comedy/fantasy


(left to right of images above)

Jayme Scott - Erica Mendez

Brooke Scott - Sarah Natochenny

Kasumi Kumagai - Erika Ishii

Toomey - Imari Williams

Rhett Vadillo - Matt Di Panni

Jules Joliet - Arin Hanson

Whatshername - Erikka J.

Whatshisname - no actor yet

DJ Prof. Dr. Lt .Do A. Kickflip - no actor yet

We work with real life bands! Check out who all is on the show


Arin Hanson

Brent Lilley

Matthew Di Panni

Hunter Peterson

Hunter Burgan