These are the shows Allissoon is currently creating or producing, other than 'Battle of the Bands'.

Currently Developing an Established VIDEOGAME series into an Animation pitch with Producing partner and Game Studio.

Rough Ink

2D Adult Animation ; Sitcom Comedy. The 1st animated show about Tattoos.

Young, indecisive, and burnt out animator Emma gets laid off from her studio job and stumbles into the baked in gruff tradition journey of becoming a tattoo apprentice in a mysterious parlor that secretly houses hilarious time traveling artists of all decades.

‘Bob’s Burgers’ x ‘Night At the Museum’ x ‘Ink Master’


Welcome to the world of “Quick Draw”. A 2D animated series revolving around a young, talented, yet naive, artist named Charlie and his friends’ quest for redemption/justice in the Wild West. 🎨🐎🏜🏔🗝

Charlie, a teenage, aspiring artist, works drawing up wanted criminal posters in town, but is secretly commissioned by the passing bad guys to mess them up allowing them to get away scot-free. One day, he accidentally upends someone's peaceful life by drawing a real person, which forces Charlie to right his wrong and set out on a quest for redemption. 

2D Kids

‘Ferris Bueller’ Meets ‘Steven Universe’ in the Wild West

Comedy / Adventure

Created by Allissoon Lockhart

Art by Jessica Mahon


Created by Allissoon Lockhart

"The Seattle Sound" is my Live Action TV pitch that is set in an alternate 1991 (the days of "Nevermind" & "Ten") taking place in the Grunge scene.

Think a "Sex in the City" meets "AirHeads", with the fresh tide & comedy of "Our Flag Means Death" and the 90s cinema palette/look of "10 Things I Hate About You".

This show is about the city, artists, genre, & a fictional band that takes over much to this girl grunge bands' own surprise. 

It's a comedy & drama. Many themes that cut deep about Art, Gender, Love/Lost, Challenge, being the BlackSheep of a family, & "Why we do what we do?"

This story follows the Seattle scene and bands of female, male, & all identifying artists in grunge that fought their way to tell their stories & play their hearts out, with funny chaos mixed in.

Grunge is a sludge-y, gruff, thundery, primal, low, and loud spectacle. And it defined a time, the 1990s. Here is a playlist in an order to form a taste of Seattle's GRUNGE and this show's calling card:

Thanks to Griffin Thorne for the art above. (yes on the playlist, I know Silverchair is not from Seattle, but everyone else on there is.)

Hashi's Dreamland

A 2D Animated, Kid's Show. Created by Tomomi Sato and Allissoon Lockhart.

Art by Max Monroy

Still in Development/Writing

Allissoon works with other creators from all over the world as well to sell and produce projects.