$55 per Class / $500 course. (Classes are 4 HOURS each + Include Documents for Workshops)

These classes are about ANIMATION PRODUCTION as in PRODUCTION CREW MEMBERS AND PIPELINES, They are NOT about Portfolios, How to Draw, How to Animate, How to Write, How to Voice Act, Artists, etc.

SIGNUP: https://howtoanimationproduction.thinkific.com

Common Q&A !

Yes! We will use the same email you signed up for to give you automatic access to the classes you have purchased previously. The VIMEO will be active as a fall back and if we ever decide to cancel the VIMEO you will fully know. This is very important to us. 

Yes! That's the biggest improvement with this Library structure. The live classes were a lot more manual out of us doing it for the first time and wanting to double check to make sure everything was going correctly. This time around for the library you should be able to purchase and immediately watch.  You can watch the course at any time!

Yes! We aim to have these up forever! If for some reason years and years down the line something changes you will be notified WAY ahead of time, but it won't. 🎉

Unforuntely, it is in $ USD. So it will be the price of whatever the current exchange rate is. We understand that that makes it more expensive in different places and we don't wanna block people out, but we don't have the bandwith to do all the conversions ourselves. (Allissoon super understands as she's dealt with USD, Pounds, SEK, and more).

BUT! You can purchase the class from ANYWHERE, country doesn't matter. We are aiming to have all major payments types available for the site.


YES! They are downloadable on the page once you pay for the class, right underneath the video course. Plus the class notes Allissoon writes after every class will be there too.

The same email howtoanimationproduction@gmail.com will be in effect (be mindful of the turnaround due to timezone and that live classes aren't active, so it might be a tad slower. But absolutely still checked!). But also the website provider company has customer service as well, if it's payment or anything tech wise. 

8. Can Allissoon review my sample work on the class materials, my pitch deck, my resume, answer my personal career questions?

Unforunately, Allissoon can't do all of this (as she's working alot! *tears*). She aims to try and answer questions on LinkedIn (that's the BEST place btw) and Twitter, etc when she has the time. But sending her your resume and decks unprompted she will probably ignore. BELOW you can see that Allissoon wants to do Deck Review classes and whatnot, thats a great time to jump on that. However other than that, Allissoon probably won't answer direct emails. Thank you for understanding. 

9. Will Allissoon do more Live classes or reviews?

Possibly! Allissoon would like to do a couple Classes actually reviewing and giving feedback on Decks (limited to a small amount of people so you can get feedback). "Deck Review" classes might happen this summer (details to come!). Other than off shoot courses ike that, Allissoon might not do the WHOLE course again. Depends!

10. How can I see what is in each class? 

The information image for each class will be provided on the Site and you can read about what happens in the class. Then decide if you want to purchase. 

11. Can I get a refund if I don't like class?

Unfortatuntely all classes are final. If you have a problem or review please feel free to email howtoanimationproduction@gmail.com and we can try and change anything about our services. Over 130 people have taken the course so far and seem to have had a good time, but we understand we can't please everyone. If you are nervous about not liking the course, maybe try 1 class at $55 instead of the whole course and see if you like it. :) Nobody wants you to waste your money.

12. Can I share the classes with my friend, audience, etc?

No! You will not be able to download any of the classes. If you are caught doing this, you will be banned from the class and not allowed to reorder. You are not allowed to download, re-upload, share, etc. This goes for all the documents as well. 

You can share the website and reccomend them to sign up though!

All Classes will be available to buy/watch on Feb 19th! We want all the courses to be concluded so people can purhcase the full course or just individuals. Also out of respect to the current people in the Live Classes!

Here are bigger slides with the information of what each class is about (in order)